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Customer Orientation Is Lie

The slogan: customer is the king and the customer_ oriented treatment of marketing is an unreasonable and un implementable issue .All the activists in service and industry realm acknowledge this important point that other effective measures are dominant in the business atmosphere and production and service providing process are subject to technical principals not the rules and false slogans of marketing .So the slogan : customer is the king is more a populist and misleading title than an economic and implementable model.

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I suspect the teachings of Philip Kutler

I suspect the teachings of Philip Kutler By:Esrafil Shirazi Mobil:989151104461 Email add:esrafil_shirazi@yahoo.com Web:Antimarketing.ir   Extract   The Marketing science is a claim and lie based on false imagination and upside down truth which with suggestion and forging of the fact from misgivings and in accomplished justly expectation of folks, benefits and for keeping this on leech custom , consistently it ...

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