Summary speech

We have a two component system which includes manner and interpretation and it means an interpretation to manner system. the most complete definition defines marketing science as a process for introducing the product ,identifying consumer behavior and the needs and desires of consumer in order to earn customer satisfaction and more profit. while basically introducing products is the work of propaganda and entering marketers into this realm is the origin of damage and chaos . there is a question about identifying consumer behavior that, who earns profit from identifying consumer? I believe if I know what you need I wont do anything for you and identifying the needs and desires of customer will respect to the point that economic patterns delete unquantifiable elements or elements that aren’t yet quantified and it causes we imagine these elements are identical to secondary factors , which will not be decline sufficiently, it is explanation of needs and reaching to an impossible thing and is an unreachable promise which basically we can not extract a law from it and generalize it to society .it is clear that patterns are built upon mathematical approach and so, mathematical instrument becomes the goal itself and it shows on intrinsic contrast between claimed mission of marketing science with structural fact of economic science and market basics.
So , marketing is a claimed science that its base is an insufficient and false imagine of the fact and not only its approaches will not result to stable growth and expanding of extending and extended nations but also it results to customer and consumer catharsis an in this pattern , mentioned nations turn to permanent consumer markets for extended nations.
The power of multinationals wont be manifested only by financial concentration , this power has a basic role in our societies and produced products and their damages to some extent will change the identity of our society in future .consumption means using product but at the some it means being verified as a member of a social group and satisfaction of desires which cannot be otherwise satisfied , therefore buying an automobile from a defined brand means buying a vehicle , declaring social class , voting and desire for power and scoping an industrial society which living in its megacities do not satisfying it.
Accomplishment of an unaware tendency to suicide in this symptoms game , sending new product to market and buying it by the rich will cause disappointment of the poor , unless they earnit.in this symptoms game , consumer countries are permanent losers !

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