I suspect the teachings of Philip Kutler

I suspect the teachings of Philip Kutler

By:Esrafil Shirazi


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The Marketing science is a claim and lie based on false imagination and upside down truth which with suggestion and forging of the fact from misgivings and in accomplished justly expectation of folks, benefits and for keeping this on leech custom , consistently it presents new tricks in mould of ways of earning more profit and attracting the customer . Efficiency and efficacy of these tricks has a direct relationship with social structure and mental texture of people in society . The more self awareness in regard to needs, necessities and desirability in life and access to information and market recognition , the less efficiency of these temptator’s tricks. In fact the success of the marketers should be searched in cultural and social texture of society. More following of the society , more expenses will be calculated according to the program which is determined out of him by group that he is a member of it. Those people whose lives are group and environmental taboos will be sacrificed in business chessboard of marketers.

Economic organ affected with marketing pets will lose its natural economic approach , the balance is to reach zero the share of brokers and marketers. Goods are produced under the influence of fortune , need and request of purchaser and are sold with a fix price . In fact one of the motives of the instability of market and charging prices is marketers . Because in case of stabilization of price the excistanceof them will be meaningless. Economic affections are the reflection of such an approach is retardation and reduction of growth. Each economic organ’s interaction with its surrounded world affects and will be affected and despite its functional difference , it has basic similarities with other pars. This attendance and similarity which is correspond to evaluating and determining deviation of economic criterion is natural .( It is clear that a process which it’s resultant is damaging , is not included in this logistic ) . Outer function of economy is not connected and limited to human sense , and it comes from nature . Growth is inherent and its occurance is under the influence of geometry which is dominating nature. Therefore, accomplishment of an impossible affair in economic domain with the aid of money and investment is a deciebtful dream that its occurance is symbolic and doesn’t seem economic in natural cycle we don’t have positioning and quantitative expansion in order to gain more profit from more sale and more consumption. This old cycle with preservation of variety will be extended to the point of break down and change the death of one is attendant and corresponded to the life of the other and nothing will be corrupt or extinct . In natural economy, the origin of transition and change is internal like its pattern and myths . For producing a good and providing the portion expectation , the whole doesn’t tolerate irreparable losses and cultivation of home is not in destroying district .

The society would not be trampled upon extortion of avarice impure and blackmail nobles.

Key Words:

Anti marketing. Normal Economy . Pest removal


Economics quantifies events and affairs and omits qualitative myths. It’s the basics and correspondents to economic evaluation of strict rules and careful arithmetic and statistical calculations and the consequence of spreading it to the society is the change of moral system .Structurally , this science is not intrinsically able analyse phenomena for long time because it is basically a science for recognition of changeable relations between quantitative and countable phenomena and this characteristic in economy seems geometric and more reasonable . The concept of future in this science is the average of a collection of calculative and statistical activities for estimating and predicting, which generally , at the time of presenting results , its efficacy is expired and is not reliable. Economy has no originality.

In natural economy all members are generator receiving any kind of services is dependent on giving a service , and consumption is subject to an inward necessity which lead to value and desirability and determined by capitalists and not a productive tool which leads to unbalanced increase of social expenses. The need is subject to human nature and is not dependent on determinable parameters of environment and that is a result of accelerated consumption of policymakers and investors goods and owners of productive tool and its life form is not subject to false determinations. Human is not a product that decorates with other products.

Anti Marketing

All scientific and operational activities that follow negation of monopolization unfortunately , contemporary market sells products that mostly are the result of political calculations rather than economy . Plato in (Aljomhorie) has an interesting description of justice ( the fact of making most profit to most people) now if this description of Plato about justice would be a scale for contemporary economic aspects. What are the results ? For instance if we know a cartel’s wealth and political power that its related companies own majority of products and exclusive of advance technologies in area of computer engineering ( software and Hardware ) missile and satellite technologies and aerospace , telecommunications , transportation ,media , Housing , excavation , extraction of oil and gas resources of the world is more than countries cartle in regard to limitation of management chart organizational consistency for decision marking , conformity and moving , acts more quicker and flexible than public structures in global markets. Then with concerning our share of producing rate in international scale we will know about necessity of rethinking about the motto , eat more , wear more , more consumption . because the meaning of justice in plato’s idea is to preserve balance and equilibrium , while the reflection of mentioned approach is to make profit for respectful members of catles which recognize originality in their profit.

In Popkinand Strol idea (an act would be true to the point that creates the most happiness and prosperity for a person or a number of persons . In fact the scale of true or falseness of an action is its results , not the way of its accomplishment , while justice is not just for wealthy. It is innate andis doesn’t have eternal allegiance with the will and profit of capitalists and owners of power and producer. We mustn’t provide determination of others on our fate and lines by consumerism .Mean while, it is not worthy for Mr.Popkin and Mr.Strole that the study of human calamities in two world war is sufficient to understand that the depth of this analytic mistake about theoretical calculating , that the purpose doesn’t justify the mean. Even if the destination comes from the imagination of saving human being.

Historic and ancient studies about mankind brings us interesting results that are unique and deliberated . The oldest fossils found by paleontologists premiers is related to OMO1 , OMO2 in Ethiopia that are 195000 years old. Observing a thick skull with wide teeth and an enormous brain that contains a remarkable out growth in forehead right above . They eyebrows interpret the nature of today’s human kind more than any other scientific analysis .

Recent progresses of human contemporary hundreds makes this fact inevitable that human mind was more active than any other part and besides attractive scientific and technical achivements caused great and unrepairable damages to bio environment and its human nature. Common sense and natural balance is subject to inquiring a profit which is accomplished by intellectuality and this way the society will earn enourmesswealth . The public and jointly attempt for satisfying the needs of every person is the base of development and distinctive mark of verifying human against anima and such a cooperation in mankind societies will be done automatically and naturaly while the main substance of this definition common sense is alchemy in our area . And it is in complete contrast with teaching of marketing science which views earning profit for organization as a good and prescribes such methods under deceitful and client-based vocabulary .

Four ways to thrive your business :

۱ – gather more clients.

۲ – persuade clients to buy more products from you.

۳ – persuade clients to buy more expensive products from you.

۴ – persuade clients to buy products which more profit from you.

Every four ways will increase your profit. If you just see profit in marking more money and having a monetary description of profit which , also in small businesses the assumption is based on it. But if it doesn’t chase earning profit only in the materialistic and temporary from and interaction and preserving balance with society and the environment which you live in is a part of necessities and your concerns , the situation will be different. The liberal nature of this methods is so obvious that we don’t discuss about its faults. This maximizing the profit means instigation of public demand and increasing the volume of the market irrationally. Means plundering the capital and public savings while in natural economy competition is the fact that many customers and many sellers acting separately and nobody individually can effect on the prices, a market with a complete competition . Marketing missuses the price as a crucial factor in competition and with fake and deceptive title of suitable price make profit by destroying the balance and equilibrium. Catch fish in troubled water.

A person with lots of books in marketing and his honor is to follow Philip catlerand teaches in one of the most authentic universities of country , said in his book which has no research value , because is derivative and null translation of uncle Philipe that some unemployed people are not sick at all-marketers- sit in dress of a sickman in the office of an amateur physician and this technic is called brish market. Unfortunately human brain had an exigency growth under effect of history and during history livelihood was the base of his thinking . So concerning the material form in mankind under effect of transition and evolution of producing order decreased and this return to neandethal instinctive tendencies which is called it contemporary Neanderthalism reminds the first scene of Stanley coopricodyse that stronger money can find his ability by scarifying the weaker one.The marketers is the follower of the thought of this watering-trough .

The thought that advertise savagery and barbarity in the third millennium .The complicated part of this issue is not financial loss or chaos in market but is the leakage of these teachings in the world universities which get more and more victims every day. Unfortunately in our country economic liberalism transmitted impudently. The duty of an organization is to determine needs , desires and the interests of targeted markets . In your idea what Philip Catler means by the world “determining” which contains determining need, determining desire , determining interests of client and consumers in target markets. Why any one of our university professors doesn’t pay attention to these points in catlers idea?

If determining necessity and need and the best for person something internal this is production with creating the way of consumption and then providing consumption appetite , create consumption ? marks if so , then the Motto : the customer is king is a temptated because by more carefully thinking about these descriptions , I see less share of determining for customer .

What a thought that for pleasure of a meal burn the whole forest ?as long as producing and capital determine models and texture of our lives we are poisoned and pest removed in economy is a need. Economic activities in markets minus considering human nature is board surfing .Shame on marketers ,you must for bear it . In a society that no extraordinary production and services is provided the danger of growing brokerage and marketers is definite . So distribution of money with out production and employment not only lead to the growth of the rate of improve national production but also generates inflation . The experience of merchantilists is enough for providing this. The way of coming out of monetary economy and brokerage to the production – based nature economy is to cut the governmental elevations with banking system. Till the time we don’t witness the change of importing approach from a common and usual approach.

Its for a long time in advanced countries competed capitalism replaced with feudalism and exlcusive capitalism but unfortunately in our country it is barrened. And accomplishment of it would be so difficult in a close future .The requisite of competition is the balanced access of all actors in economic arena such as producers , seller and customer to the information and new resources . So until it doesn’t occur in our market and economic arena , the competition is something impossible and it is an exaggerated motto. Marketing wont accept competition arena with high achieving specification. With the form of better services because it is subject to maverick and this canker must be extinguished from economy .

Usual Approach is not Decisive

At the first when I declared that by anti marketing I mean its negation and rejection , others laughed at me. More than forty million smart phones are bought in the country last year. Selling forty million smart phones in a country that doesn’t have any share in production of that is a national disaster. Are the forty million smart phones have added value equal to the money you spent on them and the profit that they had for the marketers and sellers from the persuation of public demand? Calculating of this is not so difficult m, its enough to analyses your or one of your relatives experience from buying a smart phone. From marketers view private sector is allowed to find more customers in order to earn more profit and sells products more benefit. The customer is a victim . If they sell 100 million smart phones it means 30 million more than population of the country . The greed of marketers has no end. Their reasons is the same the customer wants it. Now the fundamental question is that if a country with 70 million population uses 40 million smart phones ?Analysingthese results will be more shocking when you know that the country that produced them doesn’t have this amount of customers.

In a conference in mashhad cultural center I said : when you want to buy goods in contemporary markets be careful not to be cheated . Suddenly a person shouted , why you insult us ? We didn’t deciveanybody .why you accuse? It is no reason in that because Philip Cutler in 1962 presented a science called marketing science in a country which is vanguard of capitalism system, and is created from calculations of arithmetic sciences and false of psychology which in the beginning of twenties was the most dishonor , only on the basis of that it’s a western science and its origin is society and a geography which in recent hundreds had stunning and incredible achievements in basis . what reaction had Europe which due to international dispute was critical?

If marketing is the reason of growth of industry and production or services of country why with the existance of many teachers and faculties in the field of marketing we don’t have even one brand in the world?

To what extend in cutler’s teachings our concern of economic growth mentioned some people inside the country support him. If we behave according to the ancient economy model in this game what we give and what we get?

Our marketers advise our people whose products ? Does the cycle that insist on selling the foreign products finally cause the decrease of our currency against foreign currency and increasing this while you have the information is not a treachery?

MohatmaGandi is not talking irrelevant ( one sided growth will lead to increase the desires not to increase the prosperity ) his difference with Philip is just that this indian philosopher is not coming from the civility of Yankees and see’s his happiness in being friends with others not strengthening and the first scene of odyse boy cobrick . Philip is searching for relatives who act sciency race-centered.

They see valuation and determining the norms as their natural right and because exploring and creating new manufactures are done by them, they have right to evaluating and d

etermining rules by nature. Do professors and collegues in university that work in political and economic think about how is the feeling of an operative or an inventor who works in a technical workshop ,research lab or spaice in compare with us ,who are living with greatest godly wealth and only with selling raw materials can buy services and products?

Although it is a problem that its appearance is economic but in my idea it is calculated and forcible. I doubt Philip catler and his teachings.


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