Customer Orientation Is Lie

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Customer Orientation Is Lie

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The slogan:

customer is the king and the customer_ oriented treatment of marketing is an unreasonable and un implementable issue .All the activists in service and industry realm acknowledge this important point that other effective measures are dominant in the business atmosphere and production and service providing process are subject to technical principals not the rules and false slogans of marketing .So the slogan : customer is the king is more a populist and misleading title than an economic and implementable model.


This man is a marketer. Trust him, I know him too, but not as much as you, and like you, he has come to build a better word with deceptive glitter and craft and by removing trust moment to moment. His attempt is only to provide our needs and desires .If he searches information about us it s only to know more us. Never guide this information thief with a lantern to your home. Tell him about your desires and needs without fear and worries he will return soon to you with a package specialized to you we accept his statements and believe them .We buy a good which he recommends and defines and take it home. He never benefits from our trust. Dear marketer, who pays your payment?

Declare to everybody to agree with me. Some people call you a hack of investors and possessors of production tools and this prejudice about a noble and modest man like you is not justly .Recently even worse rumors about you has been spread which has made me hesitant and heartsick. Tell me you don’t accept any payment from any one and just try to make the surrounding word beautiful. You are worry about the planet earth and have no mystery with the Construction waste and pollutant wicked.

Dear marketer!

You take money from whom to identifying him product, to know my needs and necessities and desires to fulfill my satisfaction?

Key vocabulary:

The goal, Mission, Natural sale


it is something which is expressed in official meeting and causes legitimacy and mostly it won’t be implemented . This legitimacy is necessary for continuing the life and viability and usually is reached through operation which has a value by society and it is clear that this operation changes and the influence of periodic priority and changes at society s value.

Review of marketing mission:

Value making for customer, fulfillment of customer needs ,customer satisfaction , decrypting and identifying product to customer, providing the need and necessity of customer , making balance

Between producer and customer, creating supreme values and more satisfaction for customer , revision of the kind of connection with the social values and responsibilities against the ground we live in ,helping to customer decision making by providing information , value making for customer and ….other deceptive nonsense’s which is not deniable by its connection to desirable affair and make legitimacy.

The goal:

The goals which are tangible and evident make balance and coordination between decisions and decision makers and make some standards for performance evaluation and are implemented by activists.

Review of marketing goals:

Creating a beneficial connection with customer , attracting and retaining customer , earning fixed profit by making loyal customer , earning more profit through selling a good with higher price to customer , earning more profit by stimulating demand , earning more profit by creating new markers _ what you can’t find by competition in market can earn by fighting _ earning profit through customers desires , divorce Wretched and death ,providing new goods and creating appetite, creating new needs in customer shake hands with customer that you have engaged their senses and enjoy from profit you have earned by single riding ,earning more profit through development of market ,earning profit through disturbing order and monetary balance , earning money by increasing monetary circulation and inflammation earning profit and increasing brokerage by making imbalances in prices , codifying effective strategy for looting the public savings through deviation and suggestion and recommendation of a good which purchasing of it in domino will exalt you , increasing social costs by the aim of earning more profit ,suggesting modern consumerism culture to earn more profit , changing patterns through vanishing the traditional values of society for making infrastructure and creating luck for accepting different products and modernism which is limited to consumption , breaking the siege of reasonable refusals in decision making process by providing worthless information for customer , periodic stabilizing and guarantying organization profit by deleting competitors and single riding in market instead of pioneering the product , managing information and realizing consumer and business customers , passivity and submission of customer by suggesting pattern (sense it and reply)earning more profit through increasing the value of customer life .

This is only a part of marketing goals ,which unfortunately have been implemented so far and are taught and propagandized in universities under the title of successful experiences of modern trading by earning profit trough propagandize and distribution of blind consumerism.

-What uncle philipe and armstrang knows and we don’t know!

((Usually customer doesn’t recognize the cost and value of a good properly and truly but the basis of action is the realized value.))

Marketing basics by kutler and armestrang , chapter 1 division 1 page 16.

Is it true that always customer is in the right?

Despite different issues, the slogan is yet foundation stone of most companies which are very successful in marketing field .but nowadays marketers have found a new fact.

((Some customers may be wrong and don’t have any profit .these companies try to provide special arrangements for their good customer and release themselves from customers which have only lose for them.))

Marketing basics, chapter 1 page 38

۱-Uncle Philips catharsis is based on what?

۲-What about this slogan: customer is the king?

۳- Why some customers which have no profit do wrong?

۴- Why each customer that has no profit does wrong in uncle Philips opinion?

۵- Why Uncle Philip and armestrang want to release themselves from the king?

((It is great to give importance to product which are desired by customer but until it doesn’t prevent from implementing of profit for the company.))

  • We hope this king doesn’t hear this comment.

We suggest the following for implementing a desired market.

We must avoid from segmentation and judging customer by good or bad.

No customer is good or bad even for a shoot period.

We have no favored product.

We have no favored region.

We have no favored customer.

We have no favored factory.

We have no favored manager.

We have no favored services.

We have no promotion and privileges.

Pioneering his marker is the right of who attempts more is providing higher quality product.

The customer is not the king, who knows this responsibility knows that in expressing these statements, formalities are Fool suppliers.

Natural trade is a follower of reasonable and calculative variables.


Principles of Marketing                                                                            philip kutler & gary armestrang

Capitalism and Freedom                                                                             Milton Friedman

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