A study of our share in complete growth and development of world with an approach to understanding of anti-marketing importance

A study of our share in complete growth and development of world with an approach to understanding of anti-marketing importance.

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If we imagine economics as a science for providing subsistence and public welfare ,the world economic future must be based on a balanced , equal and symmetric model, not on atheistic and money tar divisions of a promotion seeker and jobber minority. Friedman Monetarism will lose its contingent credibility, and concentration on natural economics will be replaced by monopolist and unbridled imbalanced liberalism which takes technology as a tool for domination of capitalists and owners of production machines on consumers. Promotion seeker monopolists by wastefully stealing of nature, have distorted life safety of world inhabitants. Present research studies the connection of wisdom and mass growth of self-awareness with the possibility of sublimation of nations and world development in negation of myths and inductive patterns of consumer market and the results of research have found the development of world in negation of balance and deletion of Monetarism and creation of balance and equality between production, demand and nature.

After expressing the literature of topic , present research have studied the necessity of wisdom and growth of mass self-awareness with the possibility of sublimation of nations and the connection between myths and inductive patterns of consumerist markets with growth and development of world from economic scientists and researchers view. Research topics are west modernization, Monetarism, our share in global development in this prioritization , social justice, public welfare and natural economic by the use of experts view as a correspondent. In analyzing results, we used Fuzzy topics. In this regard a survey has been done by four economist expert. Research results show that the necessity of wisdom and mass self-awareness with the possibility of sublimation of nations is the first degree of importance, then is the negation of teachings that promote consumerism and finally, deletion of today Monetarism and creation of balance and equality between production, demand and nature is inevitable.

Key words: modern consumerism, natural economy, monetarism’s, wisdom and global complete development.


In 1960, American theorist, Valt Vitman Rostov have divided human society in traditional and industrial society. He mentioned transition stage, pre take off stage and then, stable consumption of commodities and services as stages of development and growth. This is a historical point of view which considers a complementary approach for human society growth and recognizes the level of technology growth as a criterion for this evolution. Like so many other western theorists, he views the world from central west perspective and divides human society into industrial and traditional society. He believes that after passing from traditional stage, society enters pre take off stage. This stage is transition from an old structure to a new one. A stage which is creator of new industrial structure and in nonindustrial fields, especially in agriculture, revolutionary evolutions must occur. Rostov praises western colonialism in colonial countries and believes that western governments modernization will enter lagged societies into transition route stage which is before pre take off stage. The supreme stage of evolution and in fact, Rostov consumerism which will be reached by post take off society is the stage of stable consumption of commodities and services and its complete pattern is United States society. (The emergence and fall of Pahlavi monarchy, foundation of political studies and researches, cover 2, pages 302-306).

In fact, Rostov theory is a kind of imperialistic manifest for the third world countries. This theory contempt’s the culture and civilization of colonial societies and put American life style and mass consumption of society as a pattern in front of them and recommends the route of transition of colonial nations to a dependent capitalist system. Rostov acknowledges this in his book and writes: (Now I am compiling this thesis and I don’t think about United States but about Jakarta, Rangoon, New Dahlia, Karachi, Tehran, Baghdad and Cairo ( Emergence and fall of Pahlavi monarchy, foundation of political studies and researches, cover2, page 305).

Today understanding of Rostov theory for countries which have become an example of trial and error of American imperialism is easy because it depicts their awful fate that global system have determined for them. It is not vain that new generation of open minded that have been growth in academic societies have such an insight in their thinking dough yeast. An insight which contempt’s traditional society and seeks development and evolution route in alien patterns. Its quiet obvious that this theory is an imperialistic measure for economic failure of countries which have not a considerable share in regular production of economy arena and this lack of sufficient power in wealth production will cause passivity and undesirable subjection in their international operation. Attention and concentration on these appointments and divisions will awaken human to this bitter fact that these apparently scientific and academic arrangements lack a credible and wise base and is more a political measure for providing foreign interest than scientific results caused by economic wisdom. Unfortunately passivity of aware division of colonial societies against offense of westernization for a wisdom based and demonstrative model have  authenticated it from the past to present.

Who is the winner and loser of symptoms game?

The manifestation of multinational companies’ power is not solely by their financial concentration but this power is playing a basic role in changes of societies. The produced products whit their sociocultural connections actually determine the entity of our future vastly. Consumption means using a product but simultaneously it means being confirmed as a member of social group and satisfying desires that cannot be satisfied in other ways. Hence, buying an automobile from a definite kind means buying a vehicle, declaring a definite social level, canalizing power desire and flight which industrial society and living in megacities rarely make possible satisfying them and even self-unaware accomplishment of suicide desire, but in this symptoms game launching a new commodity to market and buying it by the rich, causes frustration of the poor unless they reach that commodity.

Philip Kotler delivered his first marketing book in 1967.In modern consumerism, mass consumption of commodity and services which have not natural and inner necessity has become the prevailing cultural pattern of society and it is the base and character of follower’s access level to blessings and modern services and technology. In this symptoms game customer usually and permanently is debtor. This kind of new deconstruction by the approach of induction of preplanned concepts as a prevailing and new archetype of consumption ,urge consumer and absorbs him to the charms of product which its consumption is not necessary and loot the mass by plans of capitalists and by wealth and production tools.

Growth and development of contemporary world:

The new period of economic growth which has been started from the end of 18th century has been accompanied by stable growth of per capita income and population increase and changes in economic construction. The outstanding characteristic of this period of economic growth is progress of science and its usage in economic production and knowledge based technology. Such a complicated interaction between scientific knowledge , applications of technology and rapid economic growth needs a cultural and institutional environment and this environment needs a new collection of insights. Three basic elements of cultural and institutional environment are nationalism, secularism and equalitarianism. Kuznets recognized no end for economic growth opportunities and predicted an increasing surge for science accumulation and despite he recognized population increase and limitation of natural resources, he believed that population growth will be balanced and alternative resources will be reached by technology progress.

In 1960 and 1970 decades, some Asian countries entered rapid growth of population and per capita and present witnesses show that inequality in income distribution is increasing and interests of economic growth is decreasing for the poor. Kuzents has pointed out that mechanical application of applied approaches for developed countries in Asian environment are not suitable, because they don’t consider institutional differences. The basic point refers to different cultural entity of an Asian family with a western family. These facts have been developed later by the statistical evidences and problems connected to income distribution. Economic growth of the rich countries causes increasing dependence of poor countries, because development and growth are deeply connected together by dominance and power. Technological progresses, monopoly in science and technology will cause increasing division of developed countries with undeveloped countries.

Western Modernization chases contempt and transubstantiation of culture of consumerist societies by symptoms game and considers commodity metamorphosis of consumer. Irrespective of loos contingent credential divisions and determinations  which we see in definition and determination of theory syntax, seeking and executing such theories demonstrates passivity and disability of central government and intricate subjection of deprived nations against imperialism in international system. These are Patterns which are designed for controlling and managing economy and market of other countries and have no application unless imperialistic hegemonic accomplishment. Unfortunately in executive approach of Rostov theory, our country is a case for trial and it is a place of reflection and regret that in a system of government, how economic fate of a nation instead of being determined by plan and will and attempts of people, is prescribed obscenity by a western theorySian, and inner regulatory and executive power which must be defensive of natural interests has become a toy.

In 1950, Joseph Schumpeter believed that economic development is an effect of innovation that necessitates making new machinery and tools. He believed that innovation will be possible in three ways:

۱-Displacement of unusable present machinery and tools.

۲- Expectation of gaining exclusive profits from a new ground.

۳- Production of a new product which people will be ready to decrease their savings to buy it.

This is an attitude that confirms the priority of production on demand and considers that commodity and services are not caused by people demand but are a result of providers planning and the consumer is only a follower.

Schumpeter’s claims reveals customer oriented jest of capitalism and owners of production tools about production which marketers are their hack. In fact he declares that in production process of commodity and products, the criterion and purpose is gaining wage and profit from capital and providing profits of capitalists and monopolists of production tools which consider Pico looting by launching a new product, not providing the needs and necessities of consumer.

In this pattern, growth is an effect of a process which contains launching a new commodity to market that is a result of evolution of the line and tools of production itself. It is while teachings of marketing science propagate customer orientation and providing the needs and desires of customer as a necessity and the main purpose of production. In reality customer orientation is nothing but a false formality and is a seductive and deceptive prophecy for gaining public credibility and justifying existential nature for a science or a quasi-science of marketing.

The countries which are dominated by this pattern are suffering from a kind of dependent capitalism and have an economy with a monarchy circulation without financial independent planning and their brokerage and business system has disabled generator and industrial divisions of society, and domestic commodity in front of stimulation of demand and causing insatiable appetite in customers to increase demand for foreign modern commodity will be spoiled. The result of injection of money minus creating generator and stable occupation is inflation and decrease of national impure growth and finally, decreasing of domestic currency value in front of foreign currency.

Exploiters by bribery of home traitors in government’s construction and supporting governmental bourgeoisie and alternative powers of society, deceit public opinion and make its infrastructure. It is a poisoned seductive division which propagates false teachings to trans shape and gain domination on consumer and loot natural wealth of a country under different titles.

Barriers of complete growth and development:

A regime which suffers production inflammation and shortage of staple because of losing domestic in capitalism and creation of trusts and cartels, what must to do for gaining market control? Imperialism don‘t enter a location unless it’s political and economic interests be satisfied. Above purposes are not seek on the basis of man and God oriented moral systems. Imperialism approach is an unbridle money oriented attack which gives originality solely to gain profit especially according to appointments and definitions that it delivers, not what reason and human nature endorses. Motion in profit gaining route is not by considering and understanding social responsibilities but in this approach , enrichment of unlimited leanings is the purpose which is preferred to public and societal welfare and security, and the correspondent to accuracy and falsehood of action is the amount of exploitation and profitability of the governing board.

The socioeconomic theorist, Adam Smith in his book “Nations wealth”, by considering social responsibility and growth and allotment of skill, views taking part and cooperation as the difference of human activity with animal, not solely satisfying individual insatiable appetite. He views economic activity only as a kind of group attempt to reach cooperation and unity. Unfortunately one of the disasters of undeveloped countries is irregularity and lack of balance in financial power, which has complicated and worrying consequences. Crude retailing of resources and raw materials in cheap in  a fair which Cartels and trusts dominate it on one hand and importing and consumption of lux and luxury foreign commodities at exorbitant prices with prescribed prices on the other hand, will cause disruption of necessary balance for reaching to an effective cooperation in global growth and development.

An introduction for playing a building and dynamic role in complete global growth and development and gaining a worthy share in this approach is creation of balance in international power. It’s a fact that unipolar present system by leadership of Yankees do not tolerate its accomplishment in spite of democratic gesture and communicating Populismtic and seductive slogans which declare about liberal democratic society and accomplishment of western democracy. American mass is the victim of unequal system of bank oriented unbridle Monetarism which have been dominated on nature and future of human. In fact, divisions and determinations of western world Cartelization have suffered the world by a regretful limbo which makes accomplishment of its complete growth and development impossible in the shade of cooperation and participation of all nations. This egoism and maverick and leadership and grandeur is a serious barrier for accomplishment of complete growth and development of world.

From one way, democratic society model which is a theory and west honor it as an enormous achievement never found true because of basic conflict between Cartels and nations and governments, and media advertisements in this regard is more apostolic than a purpose. In fact in this atmosphere you are free to consume a predetermined package of products which is regulated for you. It is Freedom in consuming of products instead of playing role and having an effective share in global growth and development.

The fact is that countries are compiled to access to new technologies for growth and development and in this route, if they don’t reach any achievement, will be attached and in a new colonialism by stimulation of public demand and development of consumer market, they become passive and sub missed to capitalist hegemony gradually.

Monopolist capitalism and new unbridled liberalism which views stealing of irreparable natural resources as something protected and dedicated for itself, is another barrier for accomplishment of natural equality of nations in playing their role for complete global development .Today in developed countries competitive capitalism has been replaced by monopolist capitalism, and some limitations have been considered for it. The level of enjoyment of blessings caused by growth and development for the mass and owners of wealth and power isn’t equal. Unipolar model in international policy and power oriented recruitments have caused such an imbalanced division and fission that have spoiled international organizations’ credibility and have created unreasonable divisions. Isolation and subjection of nations in an effort and cooperation approach of the world society to achieve complete global growth and development is considered as a serious barrier. So long as political system and power distribution is a function of undisputed and unique power, dream of my share and our share of global development and growth is only a dream and not more.

Quoting from global complete development and growth

Contingent economy is reactive and never will found the power and will of dynamic and generator economic development and growth. In analyzing economic patterns and actions, we have seen blindly chase and subjection of sufferer countries to this kind of economy because of programs of developed and imperialistic economies. Another introduction for presence and playing role in global complete development and growth route is exiting from passive economy conditions.

Three kinds of dependence are:

  • Direct dominance on colonies which yet are in Africa and Asia.
  • Quasi direct dominance by pressure of a great power.
  • Indirect dominance by multinational great businesses by supporting of national bourgeoisie.

Wasteful consumption, business fatness, increase of brokerage and business, neglect ion of accomplishment of generator regular nation, being unkind with domestic production, wasteful stealing of natural resources, not trying for achieving degrees of standard and quality above international known standards, instabilities of fiscal policies, absence of understanding and true conformity international economic conditions, promotion of consumer culture instead of natural production and blindly chasing of false patterns to achieve national growth and development , false preference of monetary policies which are contingent and short time and don’t have a considerable strategic effect on monetary regular policies, restrictive barriers, laws and criteria, economic activity of government in executing projects, losing of caution and regulation and control of governments on companies and private divisions, global complete development and growth. Kant believed that “life is a permanent conflict with death.”(Civilization theory, will Durant 1391).

Today in life conflict, more than any other period we are familiar with this meaning. Our share from development and growth in all countries is a balanced and equal production with the priority of nature protection, until world inhabitants reach a mutual and meaningful understanding from peaceful neighborhood and until a reactionary privilege seeker group in industry and technology views ethnic and racial privileges for themselves, development will be under effect of power playing and terrorism as an unreasonable and unwise protest follow this rule and is a stable threat in certain fate of world inhabitants. Because the result of inequality and discrimination is inviting to instinct and animal temper for creating a world according to unbridle desires and intensions and don’t have any social responsibility.

Balance with nature

It’s regrettable that human in third millennium instead of balance and equality with nature, in an imbalanced regression have inclined to primitivism and barbarism. The Ground has no more capacity for human stupidities and its minimum affection is warming and weather ravages. The solution for exiting from present undesirable conditions is not in economic mutations which are prescribed in consumer and money tar economic myths and patterns but in returning to natural economy. Today economic work is more than any other time dependent on accomplishment of nations’ concept. In the third millennium, human in front of a historical test is compelled to redefine a new profit and ontology that violates contingent and money tar worldview and prefers global profit than profit of an organization, nation and individuals. Present conditions are a reflex of eclectic deceitful thinking’s and silly selfishness which will bring out present ruin and future destruction. Statistics and figures of independent international reliable organizations report that the rate of destruction and worrying epidemic of ruin between  2000-2014 is critical and unpredictable and this rate of destruction is more than half past century and so, it is predicted that Ground conditions in not so far future will be wretched and uninhabitable. In a mandatory process caused by endless stupidities, human progresses towards prediction of Bernard Shaw an English mathematician and philosopher in his book (human future). So it is better to create a bed for productive activities to accomplish complete global development and growth in a regular way and coordinated with other social and political divisions of international community. The productive activity must be controlled by self-police system of individual conscience and wisely supervision of society. Flexibility and responsibility is the main characteristic of productive activity in global complete growth and development. So we can hope that by a low level of production, it is possible to reach to a high level of welfare.

It is supposed to all countries of universe including undeveloped, least developed and developed countries in a permanent cycle of competition and production start to limitless use of nature. After local growth, it is not possible to regenerate unrepairable resources of nature. Today defects and false of opinions of Joseph Schumpeter , Kens, Rostov, Friedman and economists who have prescribed limitless usage of nature for the sake of accomplishing growth and development of nations is authenticated, and chasing these attitudes have no honor for any economist. Schumpeter believed that capitalist machine in addition to be able to reduce high rates of economic growth, is able to compensate its social damages too.

Dysfunction of international conventions and governments in decreasing pollutants:

So many international conventions and conferences about decreasing pollutants and global warming problem and early melting of pole ices and occurrence of ecological and biological crisis’s have been hold in the world that their all point of attempt is accomplishment of an ideal and it is nothing unless rescuing the rest of Ground from productive and economic greed of human. Emergency meetings have sentenced and condemned endless stealing of nature and have attempted to limit it. But none of these meetings end in a serious and practical will to limit greed’s and aviaries of leaders of growth and development, why? Because the fact is that national and regional definition of countries and United Nations development and growth is a serious barrier for any kind of practical and effective agreement. In fact at the best, these meetings lead to bargaining on increase of shareholding from stealing and enjoyment and wealth production in price of pollution and transnational and biological damages.

Anti-marketing is negation of Monetarism and western modernization by following wisdom and increasing awareness and promotion of rationality of world inhabitants, which can be the logical and moral tether of indomitable horse of greed and present arrogant monetarisms. It is a flow which wants the world and its content for itself solely. The power of business Cartels and Trusts is more than countries and conventions.

Eat more! Put more! And consume more! Consequently you must produce more and it means more stealing of natural resources and finally, indispensable and unrepairable damages. Basically in producing each commodity or product, total demand finds a concept equivalent to effective demand of population of the world, and in fact the final production output and delivering service from business must be based on calculation of present total amount of product and applicant of product, not based on stimulation of demand and creating appetite for seductive models which marketers remember them as false strategies. In a simple word, sale mustn’t be a deception of customer by creating attraction for commodities which don’t have attraction and necessity. Looting the family savings will take the possibility of effective growth and sublimation of individual in the route of accomplishment of global balanced growth and development, and this stealing of wishes and hopes of the mass stops only by informing and wisdom. More production leads to fiscal and impure national growth but the balance of accomplishment of global development and growth is in considering interaction necessity with macro economy and complete world environment and its productive targeting is a follower of pattern of business final profit and is not solely earning business and fiscal priority. The purpose of production is satisfying the needs, not solely gaining profit. Ant marketing is reviewing approaches and economic purposes of production and demand.

A country which is developed and has technological and capital priority than other countries is compelled to change its exploitation medium from national and corporative to a medium of nations. In other words, monopolism and nationality will be fade and invalid in future, and naturely, companies are more successful that their value creating and their profits have a world medium. In new world construction, no country is hospice and the law of capital and profit will change by separation and bipolar present channel orientation. In knowledgebase economy, work has a new concept and nature, and has exited from exploitation of worker power by minority of industrialists and man can work at home and sale his achievements in global market. In future markets, marketing will be deleted systematically. Present glamorous benevolence of private satellite companies which in reality is a kind of effective and explosive advertisement put themselves at the center of customers attention and to gain expansion and more accumulation of property and relative advantage of business and productive power than competitors lost its validity. In fact the time of this model that seemed completely calculated and economic and in the past, has led to acceptivity and social utility of benevolent company than competitors in market is over. What must be considered is that the final destination of generator and regular motion of capitalism machine is a beach by accumulation of more capital.

The progress and richness of developed countries lead to dependence and increasing plight of the poor and lagged countries. There is an indirect and meaningful connection between amount of progress and the poverty and wretchedness of poor and lagged countries which unfortunately governments cannot change the created conditions. The shape of governments and rules of these countries is such a way that they haven’t necessary solidarity and good luck for mobilization of public awareness to achieve growth and development because they don’t consider national interests basically and aren’t bounded and follower to share making in Global city development and growth.

On the other hand, economic imperialism doesn’t solely consider protection of conditions and its purpose is domination and achieving more interests.

Cartel’s white cheque in government will create white collars and in nations will cause creation of marketers. It’s while development is the average of attempt and cooperation of nations and governments.  Government which prefers party and group interests than providing national interests and subsistence, and people prosperity, is the source of corruption and bribery and the fact real governor is only in service of accomplishing organization purposes will found true when individual prefers organization purposes accomplishment than personal and party interests and act impersonal. A governor who his priority is not national growth and development can become a hack and do advertising and marketing for hegemonic products. Today by creation of new economic giants in international arena, imperialism is not solely American and Western. In nations, imperialism accomplishes its economic and political purposes by stimulating public demand for buying extortive and imperative commodities by marketers. In selling and introducing a product, marketer views seduction as a technique and skill and becomes sacrifice. In fact marketing is a business modern form that propagates preference of individual interests than group interests, and its victims are caught in an unbridle monetarisms which has lost its natural and human nature of their life in its invalid results and trans shapes customers by companies and cartels products that provide their share of host country markets in price of economic crime.

Nations and government participation in global complete development

Growth and development with national achievement approach requires a creator and trustee government which in all divisions and economic social political and cultural grounds injects capital simultaneously and equally, and by chasing a coherent and regular program in different divisions of society creates basic changes. Since any agreement don’t have such an enormous and sidereal capital together which can achieve to parallel growth in all divisions by sufficient investment, so development is a product of a regular gradual approach. It’s clear that public will and determination is a determinative affair and even its mobilization by most popular governments is costly and difficult. It’s an important affair that providing common purposes as an effective and sufficient stimulator for balanced and permanent motion of mass in this route starts by that. Definition of theses purposes is qualified for special conditions that strategists must consider them sufficiently, unless accomplishment of an affair be dangerous and whole the program be impossible and barren. Awareness level and public understanding is not a follower of mathematic models and it’s not possible to trust effective agreement and disagreement of mass on the basis of statistics and figures by approaches and programmed governmental motions or in a more tangible words, the amount of accompaniment of people with governmental programs. Historical experience of this problem expresses this social class resistance against the government’s economic approaches that government is not a suitable trustee for economic and social changes. On the other hand, concentrated programming which is done by government, damages characteristic formation of industry and production, and renders competition meaningless. Governments should not beg the question the result of attempt and national will of mass in accomplishing changes and upgrading economic conditions by an approach to production and delivering services as periodic achievements of their governing. It’s a barrier that defaces honesty and social safety and suppresses and slow down the rate of the mass motion in the way of accomplishment of development and growth purposes. In fact people expect to touch the effect of their double attempt and activity, and government as a trustee in distributing wealth caused by this national motion must play the dangerous role of a creative and just judge who vies far horizons of program, not prompt and   fleeting results.

 On one side, decision making structure in governmental organizations is such that don’t tolerate revolutionary and prompt  motions and don’t make possible them, it’s while the government in the route towards development and growth, must execute prompt and sectional decisions in ground of monetary policies which by creating calculated and intentional shocks, manages and controls the balance of interests of production and capital activity in the interest of market, until started motion for achieving national development and growth don’t suffer disorder and insecurity in predicted achievement of program. On the other hand, in foreign business arena, the activity of governments will be under the effect of general policies and regional and international hegemonies that are limited and under effect of unsuitable pressure. All these are while motion and decision making conditions in satellite and nationalist companies is faster and the power of conformity of these companies with economic and market conditions and contingencies is easier and shaking hands with economic sides is a follower of sole economic approach and is not a follower of political collusions and international pressures of the games of governments foreign policy.

Analysis of research data:

In this section we consider prioritization and studying of necessity of wisdom and growth of mass self-awareness by the use of phase tops is technique. In this ground by considering experts view, three criteria have been recognized including: social justice, public welfare and natural economy which cast criterion is negative and other criteria are positive. In brief, we use the mark C for criteria and the mark A for options.

Fuzzy numbers and word expressions used in this research are shown in table (3).

The result of options assessment on the basis of criteria are shown in table (4) according to phase numbers and above table expressions. Inserted numbers in this table are average fuzzy of expert’s views. The weight of criteria is achieved on the basis of assessment of experts.

In following, we consider findings of Fuzzy Tops is technique stages for prioritization of understudy options.

Step 1: decreasing decision making matrix: in this step we must change fuzzy decision making matrix of options assessment to a matrix of descaled fuzzy matrix (). To achieve the matrix, it’s sufficient to use one of the following connections:

Connection 1: = [xn        i=1,2,…,m        j=1,2,….,n

M =the number of options

N= the number of criteria.

If fuzzy numbers are (a,b,c) , , which is measureless normalized matrix achieves:

If criterion is positive:

Relation 2: =( , , )

In this relation, c is maximum amount of C between all options in criterion j. Relation (3) expresses this:

Relation 3: =  

If criterion is negative:

Relation 4: :  = (,, )

 In this relation, a , is the minimum amount of a in criterion j between all options. Relation (5) expresses this:

Relation 5: =  

The result of descaling are shown in table (3).

Step 3: creating measureless weighty fuzzy matrix (V):

Relation 6 : =[ ]mxn           i = 1,2,….,m                    j = 1,2,…,n

Relation 7:  =

In this relation r is the resulted measureless matrix of step 2 and w is fuzzy ………..of criterion j th.

Table (6) shows measureless fuzzy weighted matrix.

Step 4: specifying fuzzy positive ideal (FPIS,A) and fuzzy negative ideal (FPIS,A) for criteria.

Relation 8: = ( ,,…,)

Relation 9: = ( , …, )

In this software, we use fuzzy positive ideal and fuzzy negative ideal which are introduced by Chen for all criteria. These amounts are:

Relation 10: = (1,1,1)

Relation 11: = (0,0,0)

Step 5: calculating the sum of distances of each option from fuzzy positive and negative ideal.

If A and B are two fuzzy numbers as following, so distance between these two fuzzy numbers is achieved by relation 12

Relation 12: D( ,)= ) + ( – )+ (-)              =()          =(,,)

Considering above explanations about the way of calculating the distance between two fuzzy numbers, the distance of each component is gained from positive and negative ideal.

Relation 13:  = ()                       i = 1,2,…,m

Relation 14: =( – )                        i = 1,2,…,m

Step6: calculation of relative affinity of option i’th from ideal solution. This relative affinity is defined as follow:

Relation 15:  =                                             i = 1,2,…,m

Step 7: ranking of options: we can rank options on the basis of descending order of present options. Each option which have greater cc is better. The results are in table (7).

The results of ranking of options by fuzzy tops technique show that option 2 has priority than other options.


The resulted outcomes are such a way that necessity of mass wisdom is the first priority and after that is customer self-awareness and finally is complete global development.

By considering that present study is done by fuzzy tops is method and economists survey and by attention to delivered results, it is recommended to consumers and the mass that in consumption and buying commodities and services, pay more attention and in selecting a commodity or service, pay more attention and do more study. Our share in global complete development is creating balance and parallel in system and structures of power and control, on the other hand, group partnership and exiting of nations and governments from isolation and negation of marketing old teachings and modern consumerism is with the aim of retaining balance of nature and production.


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